Your donation,

will arrive 100%, has immediate effect and will be invested in direct help projects which supports the people to help themselves. This help, at the grass-root level gives the people self-confidence, strength and motivates them to courageously deal with and be able to shape things, which are of importance to them. Many examples which we have seen and experienced for of ourselves, show that out path and policy are well and sustainable. After 15 years of this sustainable help at grass-root level we have achieved many positive changes and left visible traces of improvement in the poor districts behind. Help us to successfully shape this path for the poor people in the poor districts. We depend on every Euro and we are certainly very grateful for every Euro. And every Euro arrives where it is needed cent for cent.

Please transfer your donation to the following account:
IBAN: DE68 6145 0050 0800 0015 08
Bank: Kreissparkasse Ostalb.

Please don’t forget your complete address. We will of course send you a donation receipt on short-term. We and the children, youths and the elderly and poorest people of Laderas, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Volunteer fundraising office
Should you have any enquiries regarding your donation or your donation receipt, please feel free to contact our volunteer fundraising office:

Ingeborg Klein
Am Scheuelberg 2/1
D-73540 Heubach
Tel: 07173 3309
Emails: Please use our contact form.