About us

Peru-Group Heubach (registered association)

In 1996 a small ecumenical group travelled from Heubach to Peru under the leadership of parish vicar Frank Esche and his in Lima born native wife. One of the intentions of the trip was to make contact with women’s organisations in the poor district of Laderas on the outskirts of Lima. The impressions gained were so deep and stirring, that a dedicated and solidarity commitment followed with the people in Laderas / Lima, till this day. Today more than 600 friends and sponsors are supporting us. We have managed to implement a multitude of projects enabled through diverse activities of our members, friends, sponsors and organisations who have supported us with their contributions and financial funding. In dialogue and on an equal footing with the underprivileged citizens, projects are implemented with no financial wastage or administrative expenses.

The Projects

We support many Peruvian self-help groups in the Laderas slums, situated on the outskirts of Lima. Women who themselves live in poverty, and sometimes can’t afford a daily warm meal, support their fellow citizens. The engagement of these self-help groups urgently depends on financial support, whether a one-off or continuous contribution. Monthly payments, even small amounts, make our work possible and help goes straight to the people in this very poor area. We see ourselves as a link to these people in Peru, who have to live their lives in deep poverty. In order to survive, these people certainly are in need of our solidarity and our support. With our activities, we want to set a signal of hope in a better future as well as for selfhelp.

Examples of our projects

Community Kitchen

More than 400 meals are handed out to children, elderly people and other people in need. Women arrange cooking with simple cooking tools, and try to achieve as much as possible with the little money providedd.

The hostel which was largely co-financed by us shelters rejected pregnant women, orphans and old family members who have been abandoned by their families.
Creche /Nursery School

The Crèche, whose extension and furnishing has been sponsored by us, protects small children from being left behind alone in the shanties, as their mothers try to earn money in the town.
The teacher and psychologist

as well as the manager for the hostel are paid for by us to ensure the sustainability of the project. That means nutrition, training and support is made available for children, young people and the elderly.
Help for disabled Children

Help for disabled children and many other projects enable the poorest of the poor to survive situations of need and helplessness.

Project: La Hada Dentista „The Tooth-Fairy “

On Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturdays children from Laderas are treated by a dentist in Lima. Once every three months the dentist travels to Laderas, to give the parents the possibility to introduce their children. She sets up the process by arranging a waiting list depending on priority and urgency and then taking care of each child. She also bears all transport and medical costs in advance. The dentists’ total costs are then settled monthly by us.

Project: The Card Workshop

The handcrafted cards are made by women and young people in the poor district of Laderas in Lima according to the design of an artist from the Andes and suggestions from us. The people involved earn a minimum of that which they require to survive. With this project we support directly and without detours the people of the area by giving them work instead of handouts. Work is not just a basic component of society but the fundament for hope and sense of worth. The sentence “job creation is the real social act” applies even more to the poor people of the third world. By buying these cards you are directly helping to keep and increase these jobs.

Deviations in the shape and colour are normal due to the complete production by hand. Every card is unique.